John Walker & Sons Private Collection series 2014 Edition Unique Smoke Blend

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The first in the highly limited, John Walker & Sons Private Collection series, the 2014 Edition is a supremely sophisticated expression of smoke, from three of Scotland’s most celebrated regions: bold and peaty Islay smoke, fresh maritime Island smoke and a sweet, subtle Highland smoke. Just 8,888 individually numbered, dark blue glass decanters are available worldwide.


For the 2014 Edition to bloom in its full smoky glory, Master Blender Jim Beveridge specially selected 29 casks from his private reserve of irrepleaceable and experimental whiskies. The characters of these rare whiskies let the smoky heart of the blend beat with exceptional vitality and intensity of flavour.


Nose: Malty with a hint of leather
Palate: Luxurious and vibrant with notes of honey and raspberries, slightly waxy, sea salt and wispy,aromatic smoke
Finish: Smooth, slightly salty with lingering smokiness


A Unique Smoky Blend was declared “flawless” by whisky writer Charles MacLean, with " a big, rich texture and a delicious taste. "A classic Walker, and as good as an expression as any I have tasted".