John Walker & Sons Private Collection series 2017 Edition Mastery Of Oak

Price: Not for sale
Manufacturer: Johnnie Walker


Available in even more limited quantities at just 5,588 individually numbered decanters, the 2017 edition in the John Walker & Sons Private Collection series fully embodies cask character, revealing the richness and complexity of oak in subtle yet distinct layers of flavour.


Working closely with fellow blender Aimée Gibson, Master Blender Jim Beveridge has handpicked the finest examples of different whiskies, some of which are from a private stock of experimental casks, to exemplify their “oak effect”. The unique characters acquired from maturing in oak casks are carried through to the final blend.


Nose: Notes of toffee and vanilla with hints of orchard fruits, aromatic sweetness from American oak casks
Palate: Rich toffee, soft peach skin and stewed apples, subtle notes of blackcurrants and berries
Finish: Deep and intense layers of rich vanilla sweetness