Johnnie Walker The John Walker

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Known as the Founder’s Blend, it’s the ultimate celebration to the life, vision and legacy of the man who started it all – John Walker. Wanting a Scotch that tasted just as good every time, he began to blend whiskies together. And the rest, as they say, is history


Every care has been made to recreate the authentic flavours of a 19th Century blend in John Walker’s original style. The John Walker is made only from whiskies that come from distilleries that were around at the time of John Walker and subsequently were bought by John Walker & Sons: Cambus, Glen Albyn, and Mortlach. As many are now silent, the blend is impossible to replicate. The whiskies come together for a second and final maturation to marry the blend in a 100-year-old wood cask. Each single barrel batch fills just three hundred and thirty individually numbered, hand-blown Baccarat crystal decanters.


Nose: Mature fruits slowly supersede aromas of fresh citrus
Palate: Vanilla oak sweetness, full bodied, true to Walker Speyside Whiskies including Mortlach
Finish: Smooth,mellow,smoky

On the nose, mature fruits slowly supersede aromas of fresh citrus.  On the palate, a vanilla oak sweetness is framed by a certain zest of the great classic Walker Speyside whiskies, including Mortlach, which bring elegant structure and enormous body. The smooth and mellow finish reaches its climax in rich smokiness. So many big characters, malt and grain, smoke and richness, all held together in harmony and controlled balance with smoothness; THE JOHN WALKER is incomparably refined with enormous sophistication and restraint


The cabinet that displays each decanter of The John Walker requires 60 hours of craftsmanship and eleven layers of lacquer and has a luxuriously padded cream leather interior.